Panic! At The Disco BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend & Live Lounge Performance, Pre ‘Pray For The Wicked’ Signing & Secret Sinner Album Preliminary

High hopes, high notes and high horns. Panic! At The Disco’s Welsh Biggest Weekend wonder, Live Lounge sequel, packed Pray For The Wicked sold out signing and audio album listening lig cynosured a US intrinsic unit’s transatlantic trail to a 5 day UK residency, readying the release of the religiously rooted record Pray For The Wicked.

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“I pray that my family stays safe while I’m on the road trying to share an incomparable experience with a million different friends” proclaimed pretend pasteur Panic! At The Disco’s preliminary vanguard Brendon Urie, vocalised henceforth of shadowing studio LP to 2016’s disorderly dazzling Death Of A Bachelor. Praying for safety, experiences and positivity promoting the Pray For The Wicked project, Panic! passed through pinpoints of Britain briefly stopping for signings, singing and standardised British dishes dashing to Germany, gearing up for the Las Vegas varieties non-stop shows touring the US supported by Atlantic Records roster Arizona and entertainment entity Hayley Kiyoko from start to finish of the summer season soon returning to the fields of Reading and the parks of Leeds, fulfilling festival line ups postliminary Pray For The Wicked.

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Wondering onto the Swansea stage at BBC Radio 1’s The Biggest Weekend, an annually travelling festival presenting a plethora of prestigious performers split across several consecutive days during May’s late back holiday weekend across 4 major music parks. Panic! At The Disco’s short but stupendously sweet 7 song long setlist showcased modern music oppose to old originals, with gruesomely green lighting evoking eerily eldritched aesthetics of the evil ‘Emperors New Clothes’. With its demonic demeanour thematically displayed upon Urie’s facial expression emotions, terrifying trumpets, daunting drums, blood curdling bass, ghoul like guitars and scarily seasoned singing that shockingly hit high notes naturally, immersed in the wicked wonder of Kenneth, Nicole and Dan’s devilish microphone distortion deeming “Mortal kings are ruling castles/Welcome to my world of fun/Liars settle into sockets/Flip the switch and watch them run”. Rounding off rapidly into ‘High Hopes’ heading up its live debut, a whim change in setlist songs Urie stated to the sea of Swansea sinners “Were going to do a song we’ve never played live in our lives”. Horns a plenty ‘High Hopes’ hones in on classically jazz instrumentation integrated into a pop-rock band balancing their genre roots with a new found brass sound, revealing a regal feel featuring jagged guitars, a tapping hi-hat and positively poised optimism with the former Kinky Bootsbroadway actor enthusiastically pronouncing “Didn’t know how but I always had a feeling/I was gonna be that’s one in a million” backed by a building bridge that declared victory, for a song taken from the back of a bus to Swanseas Singleton stage shortly subsequent to long time setlist server ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’. “This one’s old” the 31 year old songster chimes in before impromptu beat boxing his way into The A Fever You Can’t Sweat Outstaple, significantly gaining crowd confirmation of an indication of infidelity profoundly prized by the upmost of emo’s and recently regenerated of Panic! audiences. One of the modern rock biggest hit’s, twinkling production and characteristic crooning of “Technically our marriage is saved” and “This calls for a toast” terminated the succinct staging speaking “Thank you guys for hanging out with us, for all the love we appreciate you”.

Source: BBC Radio 1

Stripping it down and banishing the backflips, popular culture corporation BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge exhibits and exposes musical capabilities of all its comrades. Acoustically executing the religiously rooted rendition of ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ acting upon Urie’s acoustic guitar multi tasking attributes, Pawlovich’s drum brushes and Row’s bopping bass brings cooperatively the indistinguishable vocal work weaved betwixt the structural sections of the song, still remaining relevant to the choppy introduction and spoken word wrangle that’s replicated repetitions of the likes of “Amnesia” or “I need/miss ya” subdued speedily from the vocal backing from the touring band behind Brendon’s resolved middle register throughout the Christianity centred chorus “I pray for the wicked on the weekend/Mama, can I get another amen?/Swear to God, I ain’t ever gonna repent”. Meticulously mulling over what could have been an alternate reality for the sixth studio LP, the tenor obtainer reminisces on his religious roots and record denominating development “I was going to name it after a Lord Byron quote, then I realised that’s pretty pretentious. But then I saw the lyric and that makes more sense, I’ll just pull something that’s already been written. Pray For The Wicked from my religious upbringing” undertaking a Live Lounge liability, covering Brit pop anthem performer Dua Lipa’s career clinging creeper ‘IDGAF’. Mounting a male spin on the solely female fronted song, Brendon brandished his own smooth singing spin on Lipa’s guitar infiltrated careless calling. Crisp, cool and cold electric flickers flow into a tapping moon shaped tambourine and cycling choirs of handmade clicking cultivate to the originals origins of pattering production, stylised in a marching band methodology similarly analogous to the 2018’s tracks stalwart snare striking ultimately climaxing into the chorus of Urie’s unequivocal pitch rising performance of Dua’s stout songwriting “You say you’re sorry, but it’s too late now/So save it, get gone, shut up/’Cause if you think I care about you now/Well, boy, I don’t give a…”

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Radiating pure happiness, the Panic! At The Disco pioneer presented a simpering smile stimulated signing at the home of entities of endless entertainment, HMV’s Oxford Street flagship store. Escorted by his two man entourage, idiosyncratic tour manager Zack Cloud Hall stringed side by side alongside Urie’s proprietor manager Scott Nagelberg, Brendon Urie hosted a pre LP sign and speak session for select super fans who clinched finite entry to the wristbands by virtue of pre purchasing the imminent effort in its CD or vinyl formats. The ‘Silver Lining’ singer greeted ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ branded rainbow sporting sinners, handing out high fives and honest handshakes to the unstable hands of fans overflowing with gratitude, beholden and reverence for the remaining rock band member.

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Previewing Pray For The Wicked in its plenitude of expected pristineness, signed up supporters to the bands form calling people of London town to fill in fundamental information amassed in a secret London location, sitting in a space with headsets on the heads of specially selected devotees who delved into the depths of the unreleased record into the surplus songs besides singles ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, ‘Silver Lining’ plus ‘High Hopes’. In-sighting into established track listing ‘King of the Clouds’, ‘Dying in LA’ and ‘Roaring 20’s’ amongst many more songs set to be released on 22nd June, on the obnoxiously originally transformed title “Fame is the thirst of youth”.

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s full set at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend Festival and Live Lounge performance here:

Biggest Weekend – Panic! At The Disco

Live Lounge – Panic! At The Disco

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