Panic! At The Disco’s Saturated Stanley Showering & Harry Styles’ Gourmet Gucci Chip Shop Stardom

Clutching clucking chickens, cascading consequences and casually costly clothes. Panic! At The Disco and Harry Styles have been battling the elements in entirely divergent entities, with the Las Vegas wonders waging the water filled fountains on the Bellagio boulevard and the solo ‘Sign Of The Times’ singer getting to grips with the grey sky settings of bustling London, for a Gucci garment campaign to contribute to their artistic attainments.

Source: Glen Luchford

Sinfully preparing pre Pray For The Wicked, Panic! At The Disco are devilishly plotting an act of positively malevolent proportions. Taking to Twitter to tauntingly tease an approaching announcement alongside the coming countdown to the ‘Emperors New Clothes’ crooners prospective record, reciting to the 2004 formed formation’s 2.7 million social sinners saying “TWO WEEKS! Pray For The Wicked is almost here y’all. Might have something fun for you next week too”. Sparking speculation such as a subsequent song to follow on from ‘High Hopes’ stupor seeking story ‘King Of The Clouds’ release or else imminent European tour dates to be declared, taking into account the freshly front cover body Brendon Urie for Alternative Press magazine schemed US tour dates. Likewise travelling across the Northern American atmospheres, glam rock Gucci representative Harry Styles is stuck in the midst of musical toil taking to circular stages covering Nashville, New York and Philadelphia parameters. Performing a plethora of the pop culture penchant’s soft rock singles ‘Sign Of The Times’, ‘Two Ghosts’ and ‘Kiwi’ timidly overshadowing the originally One Direction fellow fashion forward after ego embodying check cited constructed clothes closer to home.

Source: NHL

“That’s right Las Vegas, we’re Panic! At The Disco and welcome to game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. Go knights go!” Brendon Urie gleefully cheering on the ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ chimers NHL hometown ice hockey corresponding company commencing ‘High Hopes’, a largely loyalist anthem quintessentially cut out for a Vegas sporting stint. Stylised and embodying a distinctly decorated swirl chenille blazer beside the 31 year olds blazing extensive octaves, illuminating to echo a pollyanna person pivoted song prospecting destiny and dreams displayed under flowing fountains and water soaring, even higher than Panic! At The Disco’s ‘High Hopes’. With a spectacular show of the venerable Vegas Bellagio resort quarters, go pros galore captured flooding feelings of lux grandiosity long before a grand gush of wind fragmentary disrupted a musical masterclass that floated fervently, rocking on the ruffled water depths in-disputing the vibrant vocals, glinting guitar and dignifying drums polishing a performance of proud patriotically nationalist proceeds.

Source: Glen Luchford

Remaining typically British whilst touring the tail ends of the earth Harry Styles strolled and sauntered the streets of St Albans, sporting lavish price tagged turnouts. Leading light of the style shifters and redefiner’s of modern luxury fashion Gucci’s autumn/winter men’s tailoring campaign, stunning silhouettes and wondrous works of the Italian fashion house 3 year creative director server Alessandro Michelle’s marvellously articulated attire, brings together the mundane life realities and fantasised fashion pieces in one physical place. Styles’ ensembles sartorial designs of embroidered Marseille numbers mix and matched with the ‘Sweet Creature’ singers statement brand rings, which hypocritically holds his precious pet chicken companion in the time throughout the 24 year old onlooking to his fellow fish friends being battered and swiftly served as if they weren’t once sentient beings. Before proclaiming his portion of chips in an overdressed outfit of a wool worn jacket and New York Yankees logo to match, penultimately joining Styles’ similar plaid wearing human stranger in the streets, leaning on London bricks to savour a tomato drenched condiment upon a classically potato based carb repast one of which Harry Styles suave statement suits has stylised the solo star into a face of fashion favour.

Watch Panic! At The Disco’s Stanley Cup performance and Harry Styles starring in Gucci’s men tailoring campaign here:

Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes (NHL Stanley Cup Finals)

Gucci Men’s Tailoring Campaign: Harry Styles

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