Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Hiatus, break, interval, sabbatical. There is a wide variety of terms for this one meaning. Defining as when a continuous break is taken, a Hiatus has been upheld by many bands and artists in the music industry. Including Fall Out Boy, Girls Aloud and more recently One Direction to name a handful, all these bands… Continue reading Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

The Brit Awards 2017

Quite frankly the biggest date in the UK music calendar highly anticipated amongst many individuals including myself and that is the Brit Awards. A night filled with high profile performances and awards winning moments if you live in the UK especially and even beyond and you consider yourself a music lover you must be tuning… Continue reading The Brit Awards 2017

Why Artists Evolve With Their Sound

This is a topic that is always highlighted amongst fanbases in the music industry that I have wanted to discuss for quite some time now. This subject definitely does bring two sides to the argument and can be viewed as controversial depending on who the artist or fanbase is. Recently this re-accruing question has been… Continue reading Why Artists Evolve With Their Sound

My Recommendation’s Of Ensemble Cover Songs

A very different yet still music related post is coming your way today. As the title subtly suggests, I will be lending my first hand experience and knowledge that I have collated over the past two years of selecting songs that will be performed as part of a band or in more technical terms an… Continue reading My Recommendation’s Of Ensemble Cover Songs