Liam Payne Featuring Quavo ‘Strip That Down’ Track Thoughts

Another extra review type based blog post simply because there is so much new music emerging recently between the boys from One Direction with their solo projects and last but certainly not the least Liam Payne has come out with a collaboration track. Alongside Quavo from the hip-hop based trio Migos the pair released their… Continue reading Liam Payne Featuring Quavo ‘Strip That Down’ Track Thoughts

Harry Styles Solo Debut Album Thoughts

Harry Styles seems to be dominating the music industry, the world and the universe all at once in the past month. From dropping his first piece of individual material in the form of 'Sign of the Times' up until the pivital moment last Friday when his debut self titled album was released hitting the number… Continue reading Harry Styles Solo Debut Album Thoughts

Niall Horan ‘Slow Hands’ Track Thoughts & BBC Radio 1 Interview Highlights

Lovers unite! (Totally did not just steal Niall's collective name for us. Is this like our fandom name for solo Niall?) The second wave of material from Horan himself debuted last week with his contrasting track following on from 'This Town' titled 'Slow Hands'. Not only did he release new music a BBC Radio 1… Continue reading Niall Horan ‘Slow Hands’ Track Thoughts & BBC Radio 1 Interview Highlights

Harry Styles ‘Sign Of The Times’ Music Video Thoughts

On the occasion a spontaneous blog post is uploaded it means that something very significant has happened in music. On this occasion out of my regular Friday schedule, Harry Styles has debuted the music video to accompany 'Sign of the Times', his first solo single taken from his self titled upcoming album set to be… Continue reading Harry Styles ‘Sign Of The Times’ Music Video Thoughts

Fall Out Boy ‘Young and Menace’ Track review and ‘Mania’ Album Thoughts

Just as you though April could not get any more eventful full of new music releases think again. On the day of Patrick Stump's date of birth, Fall Out Boy dropped a whopper of a music game changer not only giving a glimpse into the future of Fall Out Boy in the form of the… Continue reading Fall Out Boy ‘Young and Menace’ Track review and ‘Mania’ Album Thoughts

Artists I’m Enjoying in Spring 2017

Another season has rolled around which means it's time for yet another instalment of the bands or groups I have been listening to throughout the past, present and future days in Spring. These posts allow me to express the artists I enjoy which could hopefully then influence you great people reading this to know of… Continue reading Artists I’m Enjoying in Spring 2017

Spring Playlist 2017

My favourite season of the year has arrived. It's spring time! The time of year where I imagine spring lams, chicks and rabbits running around in fields full of greenery and flowers springing up absolutely everywhere whilst mild rays of sunshine fill the skies, this is my ideal definition of what I envision the Springtime… Continue reading Spring Playlist 2017