Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Hiatus, break, interval, sabbatical. There is a wide variety of terms for this one meaning. Defining as when a continuous break is taken, a Hiatus has been upheld by many bands and artists in the music industry. Including Fall Out Boy, Girls Aloud and more recently One Direction to name a handful, all these bands… Continue reading Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Fall Out Boy ‘Young and Menace’ Track review and ‘Mania’ Album Thoughts

Just as you though April could not get any more eventful full of new music releases think again. On the day of Patrick Stump's date of birth, Fall Out Boy dropped a whopper of a music game changer not only giving a glimpse into the future of Fall Out Boy in the form of the… Continue reading Fall Out Boy ‘Young and Menace’ Track review and ‘Mania’ Album Thoughts

My Top 5 Favourite Performances Of All Time

I have been patiently waiting to do this post for such a long time now. But look no further the time has arrived. So every fan of any artist has favourite songs and albums by them right? Well today we are overstepping the boundaries and I will pick and select some of my favourite performances… Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Performances Of All Time

Winter Playlist 2017

Kicking off the fresh new year with a music orientated post of course which shall be my picks of songs that currently make up my winter playlist ranging from last year to the present day. I have such a great selection and pick of songs specifically for during the winter time probably because during the… Continue reading Winter Playlist 2017

Music Tag

Tag time is back! I essentially do these quick and easy tags on occasions purley for the fact that you guys can hopefully relate to my music tastes and also because I love answering questions, this is totally ideal. So previously I have completed the band tag and this time around I have generalised it… Continue reading Music Tag

5 Scarily Good Music Videos You Need To Watch On Halloween

The halloween weekend has arrived! Despite the fact that I am not the biggest fan of the halloween period for the sake of the blog post I carved some pumpkins, watched just one horror film, stared at some tofee apples and listened to and watched some frightfully good music videos which leads us on nicely… Continue reading 5 Scarily Good Music Videos You Need To Watch On Halloween

Autumn Playlist 2016

With Summer officially coming to a close and the beginning of Autumn only just beginning, the time has come around once again for me to explain and show you guys the types of songs I have decidedto place on my Autumn playlist for this year. The first thing that comes to my mind when the work Autumn arises… Continue reading Autumn Playlist 2016