Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince 

Like Radio 1 has it's Big Weekend and KROQ has it's Weenie Roast, Capital FM also has its Jingle Bell Ball and in this circumstance it's Summertime Ball. Last weekend witnessed 80,000 music enthusiasts fill Wembley Stadium for the biggest ball of the year hosted by Capital FM here in the UK. Capitals Summertime Ball… Continue reading Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince 

My Favourite Band Members (Part 2)

Considering the amount of bands I like seems to be ever-growing and never-ending, it seemed appropriate to create a post for my favourite band members part 2. My favourite band members is a small series of posts that I am doing here on One Fall Out At The Disco where I pick out some of… Continue reading My Favourite Band Members (Part 2)

The Brit Awards 2017

Quite frankly the biggest date in the UK music calendar highly anticipated amongst many individuals including myself and that is the Brit Awards. A night filled with high profile performances and awards winning moments if you live in the UK especially and even beyond and you consider yourself a music lover you must be tuning… Continue reading The Brit Awards 2017

My Top 5 Favourite Bands

Bands and groups. Thats todays topic for this post. Literally anybody that knows my music taste are aware that i only really listen to bands. Which kind of live's up to my blogs url immensly. I chose to explain my top five bands only because if I continued to talk about more than this number, we could be here for… Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Bands