Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince 

Like Radio 1 has it's Big Weekend and KROQ has it's Weenie Roast, Capital FM also has its Jingle Bell Ball and in this circumstance it's Summertime Ball. Last weekend witnessed 80,000 music enthusiasts fill Wembley Stadium for the biggest ball of the year hosted by Capital FM here in the UK. Capitals Summertime Ball… Continue reading Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince 

Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Hiatus, break, interval, sabbatical. There is a wide variety of terms for this one meaning. Defining as when a continuous break is taken, a Hiatus has been upheld by many bands and artists in the music industry. Including Fall Out Boy, Girls Aloud and more recently One Direction to name a handful, all these bands… Continue reading Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Niall Horan ‘Slow Hands’ Track Thoughts & BBC Radio 1 Interview Highlights

Lovers unite! (Totally did not just steal Niall's collective name for us. Is this like our fandom name for solo Niall?) The second wave of material from Horan himself debuted last week with his contrasting track following on from 'This Town' titled 'Slow Hands'. Not only did he release new music a BBC Radio 1… Continue reading Niall Horan ‘Slow Hands’ Track Thoughts & BBC Radio 1 Interview Highlights

Artists I’m Enjoying In Winter 2017

The duo that is part of my seasonal playlist and seasonal artist category here on One Fall Out At The Disco is here again today. I will be expressing my thoughts and feelings for the artists in the music industry who I predict and am enjoying between the period of now up until around the… Continue reading Artists I’m Enjoying In Winter 2017

One Direction Tag

Another tag I know. However the other night when I was bored out of my mind pondering a whole spectrum of different ideas, considering my whole blog is based around three main focus points being One Direction, Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, thinking about the previous tags I have done which have… Continue reading One Direction Tag

Upcoming Album Releases In 2017

A fresh new year for music can only usually mean one thing. We are going to get more albums! Whether they are expected because the artist themselves confirmed or hinted at the prospect or it is just pure speculation, I am going to explain some of my most anticipated album's set to come out this… Continue reading Upcoming Album Releases In 2017

Winter Playlist 2017

Kicking off the fresh new year with a music orientated post of course which shall be my picks of songs that currently make up my winter playlist ranging from last year to the present day. I have such a great selection and pick of songs specifically for during the winter time probably because during the… Continue reading Winter Playlist 2017